The Two Minute Guide To A Super Interesting Life

Here’s one of those stories that will help you do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do.

While there are really many ways to live a super interesting life, and the definition of interesting changes from person to person, you’ll find that the examples below are based on my own experience. These are just to share what one path of “interesting” can look like.

Interesting people generally don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks about them, and they don’t ask for permission or seek validation from anyone. Interesting people realize that they have the ability to do just about anything at any time. #5 is probably the most important thing, so read on.

#1) Listen to your alter-ego:

(That crazy voice in your head)
Everyone has a more bold version of themselves that is the source of all truly interesting ideas: “Hey, stand up on that motorcycle,” or “Tell her that you love her.” That is the guiding voice that gets you out of your comfort zone. Here’s a TEDx talk about how your alter-ego can get you out of your comfort zone:

Once you have listened to your bold self, take action.

#2) Do Something, Do anything

No matter how small or big, just do something about it. Write a note, send an email, paint that picture, or take that flight. Interesting people will find a way to materialize their ideas regardless of the resources they have or don’t have. This quote is particularly key on the subject:

Buy the ticket, take the ride. – Hunter S. Thompson

Here’s a story about how a random email to the CEO of Daimler’s Car2Go ended up becoming a 14-city adventure: Meet The Man Who Pitched Car2Go A Video, And Got An Adventure

For another example, see Casey Niestat’s Make It Count, where he took Nike’s ad budget and flew around the world with his friend Max.

#3) Get Weird

Start small. Do random things like go for a bike ride at midnight or buy one of those $49 last-minute weekend flights the cheap airlines promote and sing karaoke in a random city by yourself. It is much harder than you think, but once you start going against the grain, you’ll start making more interesting decisions.

There’s a book full of these ideas called “How To Be Interesting” by Jessica Hagy. It’s a fantastic short read and will get the ideas going.

Enormous: The Gorge Story is a Jack Reynolds original story about how an email to the CEO of Live Nation turned into a full-length documentary, which happened all on a whim.

#4) Talk Murders Ideas

The fault most people have is they start talking about their ideas to people before they do them. This is the easiest way to never do something. Talk murders ideas. People will give you a shitload of reasons why you “shouldn’t do that” or “that will never happen”. Go on, make it happen without talking about it or asking anyone, and THEN share what you did.

That photo of you and Dave Matthews will look much better on Facebook than, “I’m going to meet Dave one day.” Speaking of one day…

#5) Someday Is Today

Do not wait to be interesting like everyone else is: “Well if only I lived in XYZ city,” “If only I had the money,” “In 6 months I’ll be in a better place.” Fuck that. You’re not interesting if you’re always coming up with reasons to not do things. You’re procrastinating. Now get your ass off the computer and go do something TODAY.

Remember, “interesting” is different for everyone. Use these steps to find your own way of making it work out for you.