The Most Epic Invite-Only Event You Don’t Want An Invitation To

Each year, a hand-picked selection of people are invited to arguably the world’s most epic competition, Titans of Mavericks. These people will surf up to 60ft. waves (the height of a six story building) in shark infested, freezing water.

Due to an unusually shaped underwater rock formation, something is going on in Half Moon Bay, California. Half a mile offshore from the safety of the stunning harbor, these rocks help create some of the most epic (and dangerous) waves in the entire world. At it’s highest, the waves break at 60 feet, which is the equivalent to a six story building.

A competitor riding at Mavericks via @titansofmavericks on Instagram

Rumor has it that local legend Jeff Clark first discovered the break in the 70’s:

“Clark paddled out at Maverick’s at the age of 17, leaving behind his high school friend who declined the adventure and instead told Clark he would “call the Coast Guard and tell them where I last saw you.” He surfed Maverick’s alone for the next 15 years before he could get others to surf it with him (although several would paddle out, none would take on the massive waves).”

A big break at Mavericks via @titansofmavericks on Instagram
A big break at Mavericks via @titansofmavericks on Instagram

In the surfing film Riding Giants, Jeff is quoted saying, “My parents had no idea I was surfing waves like that.” Thanks to his bravery, it gave way to make Mavericks one of the most incredible big wave destinations in the entire world. The location would later grew in popularity, as people never thought of California as a “big wave location.” A couple of noteworthy deaths of surfing legends probably helped contribute to it’s legendary status.

Fast forward to 1992 and Titans of Mavericks was established by some of the location’s legends, including Jeff Clark. Each year, only 24 hand-picked surfers are invited to the mysterious event for their chance to be etched into history.

See the 60 foot wave from a rider’s perspective:

It’s so awesome to know there are people ready to brave the spectacle that is Mavericks. Titans they are. We hope to bring you more from the event.