Oh Sh!t: Spaceteam

Get your table out and get ready to sh!t your pants playing this shouting space ship card game.

Back in the day, if you could believe it, people used to play marbles for entertainment. Since then, space travel has been realized and become reality. If you’re still playing marbles, or you don’t believe we landed on the moon, you’re really not going to like the rest of this story. Enter Spaceteam: A fast-paced, cooperative shouting card game where you race to repair your malfunctioning spaceship.

Let’s dive in. First, a 5-minute timer is flipped to express urgency. You only have five minutes to win or lose the game and it’s completely unpredictable. To win, your team must work together to discover six cards hidden randomly in the deck that together make a complete, assembled spaceship. To find those cards, you’ll draw “malfunction cards” that call for certain tools to fix them. Each player is dealt a handful of “tool cards”. Simple, no? The catch is that you most likely don’t have the tools needed to fix the malfunction, but someone at the table does. Enter screaming.

Everyone at the table is frantically screaming and requesting the tool cards that they need from each other, while somehow trying to listen to what other cards people are screaming to give them the cards they need. Sounds like a shit-show right? Shit.

If you’re lucky, you’ll reveal all six spaceship cards before the end of five minutes and win the round. Like pictures better? You probably should have just looked at this the whole time:

spaceteam explanation

How do we know if it’s actually fun? Founders Mathew Sisson and Tommy West invited us to come down to their office and play a round on “the test deck”. The cards were actually drawn with sharpies and was one of the earliest versions of the game.

What that means is… it’s so brand new that you’ll need to find it on Kickstarter. You won’t be alone, though. Over 400 people have contributed over $16,500 in just the first day. With Exploding Kittens creator Elan Lee on the team, it should be a great campaign to watch:

Get the game on Kickstarter now. And if you’re like us, rest well knowing that there is an NSFS (Not suitable for space) version available.