Five Insanely Talented Artists To Restore Your Faith In Actual Music

It isn’t that Taylor Swift and Beyoncé aren’t talented, it’s that we already know. Here are some artists with talent and soul that the mainstream media has plotted to hide from you.

Benjamin Booker

The 25-year old has the soul of an ancient blues god. In this NPR Field Recordings video, it states:

Four years ago, New Orleans singer-guitarist Benjamin Booker applied to intern at NPR Music. We missed out, and now he’s everywhere – on TV, on tour, and sharing the stage with the likes of Jack White.

Alabama Shakes

While these Decatur, Alabama musicians have been around for a few years now and had the hit single “Hold On”, they really haven’t gotten the coverage they deserve. Songs like “You Ain’t Alone” have the ability to transcend generations. It has the ring of Joe Cocker’s timeless hit, “With A Little Help From My Friends,” except Brittany’s voice is arguably better.

 When we started out we would just play covers because that’s all people wanted to hear.

Dylan LeBlanc

Also an Alabama/Louisiana based artist, I met Dylan LeBlanc at a friend’s place one summer where he blew us away with one song. When he performs Emma Hartley, you can see and feel every emotion of the tune.

Well my dad writes great songs and I’ve always been writing songs. I don’t know, sometimes I’d end up in my room   with a bottle of Jack just writing songs for three days.

The Tallest Man On Earth

He is hardly the tallest man on earth, but his extremely unique picking style and voice makes him just as recognizable. He’s great to listen to on weekend mornings and does particularly amazing performances on KEXP and NPR’s Tiny Desk YouTube channels.

I don’t know what it is, but, I guess… I got the chance. And I took it.

The Haunted Windchimes

These funky, soulful musicians are from a tiny town in Colorado. Their eerie soul has a distinct sound that the mainstream media is certainly hiding from you.

No one wants to know who we are. We’re the Haunted Windchimes.

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