Experiencing The Pacific Northwest

A journey through the Pacific Northwest will leave you humbled and wanting to go back for more. Sometimes, you just have to put the camera down.

In a land stereotypically described as “grey and constantly dreary,” it’s important to be reminded of why the Pacific Northwest is home to some eight million people. You might be familiar with the fact that Seattle has the highest suicide rate in the country — it must be that endless grey cover and fog, right? But, if you do even the slightest bit of digging, you’ll find that Seattle doesn’t even make the top 10 list of America’s most suicidal cities. Sooo, take that!

The second fact in the aforementioned article notes that the Pacific Northwest is assumed to be the rainiest part of the country, when in reality, it isn’t even close. So, what does that really mean? It means that the Pacific Northwest is fucking amazing, and it makes for a killer region to explore.

Been wanting to go? Do it. Now.

Credit @timwilliamz
Credit @timwilliamz

Our travels for Enormous: The Gorge Story and Daimler’s Car2Go have given us the opportunity to experience the region in a very special way. We spent as much time with our cameras and phones away as we did working. From sailing Alcatraz in San Francisco to amazing hikes outside of Portland to the great wide openness of the Columbia River Gorge, you can really do no wrong.

Here are a few things you should consider doing:

A Train Ride From Seattle To Vancouver For $80 Round-Trip

Credit @timwilliamz

Take the Amtrak Train from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C. round-trip for $80. It’s about a five hour train ride that is primarily along the stunning coastline. Get a seat on the west side so you can easily overlook the water. This photo was taken from the window of the train while moving.

Going To Snoqualmie Falls

Credit @timwilliamz

Is there anything more to say? This is about 45 minutes outside of Seattle.

Hike Angel’s Rest Outside Of Portland, OR.

Credit @timwilliamz

This one isn’t for the lazy, but it is well-worth the workout. It’s about 5 miles round trip and a 1,500ft. elevation gain. The views are almost always the pinnacle of the experience, but all that rainfall makes for an incredible lush and cool forest to trek through on the way there. Here’s the trail information.

A Concert At The Infamous Gorge Amphitheater

Credit @timwilliamz
Credit @timwilliamz

Home to some of the best music festivals of all time, The Gorge Amphitheater is on the bucket lists of many. 150 miles away from any major population center (Seattle or Spokane), you’ll find some of the world’s greatest artists performing at the crest of the Columbia River Gorge. We love this place so much, we’re making a movie about it!

Knock any or all of those out, and you’ll be in a fantastic mood. For those of you that have already experienced some of this magic and/or live in the region, here’s a hat tip to you. Get these things on your friends’ bucket lists, and don’t forget to put your phone or camera down sometime to actually enjoy the moment.

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