72 Hours: Denver

I’m Alive is a series about traveling to 14 cities to film a two-and-a-half minute YouTube video. We spent 72 hours in each city. In Denver, our last city, we took in what it felt like to put in almost 1,000 hours of work to make a two-and-a-half minute video.

The Denver/Boulder community is our hometown. While there are a ton of adventures (far too many to list) one could go on in the area, the focus of our time at home was to piece together the final elements of the video. We always imagined starting and ending the video with us taking off and returning in the car to the same spot. The message was to convey that we’d started and finished our journey in Denver and that we’d been through a lot. As it turns out, that was an understatement. There are really no words to describe what it was like to fill every single day for two months… full of unplanned adventure.

With poor approximation, we had traveled over 10,000 miles and collected over 3 terabytes of footage in two months. I’d continue my poor estimations with over 150 U-Turns, 60 hours of driving, 4 helicopters (that one is accurate), 40+ cities (all total), calling over 100 companies to explain our adventure, 1,500+ google/map searches, an untold number of Car2Go’s, keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, and almost zero breaks. It was one hell of an adventure and it took everything we had to finish it.


It took one hell of a company to make all this possible. That company is Car2Go. Thumbs up to you guys. We’re loyal customers, supporters, and we’re thankful for the challenge you gave us.

We wrapped up our filming in Denver with a trip to Red Rocks and the final takes of us departing and arriving with the Car2Go in front of an old building in North Denver.

See the final product here.
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